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On Masonry Principles, Your hosts Phil Ledent, Executive Director of Masonry Institute of Michigan and Amanda Bedian, Director of Upstate Masonry Institute (New York) talk with industry experts and get candid about the sometimes frustrating, always educational and certainly challenging aspects of building better buildings using masonry.

Which forward thinking experts will join the show to share resources and challenges they've overcome in their respective fields? you'll just have to listen to find out.

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When: Episodes will be released on a monthly basis, the first Wednesday of each month.

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Did You Know?

"Hot and cold weather delays masonry too much." As an industry, updated all-weather practices such as the All-Weather Council's "Recommended Practices and Guide Specifications for Cold Weather Masonry Construction" have resulted in a much greater construction season without fear of weather damage or delay. The old practice of closing down during the winter months becomes obsolete.
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